Welcome to Cree Falls, Nebraska, the largest city in the state. Whatever you're here for, Cree Falls has it all -- maybe a lot more than you bargained for. What if your best friend was a werewolf? What if the girl you borrow notes from in class happened to have wings? That's not even the weirdest you can come across; you might have crossed paths with the god of fire before. They're out there, and they don't really make a lot of effort to hide. Every group has its share of bad. So just how bad can the magical community's bad get? Very. Some of that crime isn't mundane at all. Those street wars don't always just stay there, hidden away in dark alleys... more often than most think, they spill over, and plenty get caught in the crossfire. Will you? 16+, 2.2.2 => 3.3.3 Site Rules Application Plot Threads Wanted Ads Frequently Asked Discord Server

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Crossfire latest news: An IC Thing to Know - 9.11
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Everything you may need to know to play with us can be found here. You are always welcome to ask questions, so don't be afraid to, but you should be able to find most of what you're looking for, if not all of it, here.
All new information regarding site changes and updates will be posted about here by a staff member. Questions and concerns regarding these changes can be addressed over PM, or in the Help Desk.
An IC Thing to Know - 9.11
dragonborn on Sep 11 2017, 01:02 PM
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If you have questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns, here is where you can address these. Please keep all of the above that are of a sensitive subject, to PMs. This is a guest-friendly board.
Neat Things Jcink Does
The Staff on Jul 13 2017, 03:45 AM
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All complete, or dead, in-character threads eventually come here, to rest in peace. Every real life year that we go through and complete will be archived here.
I Am Very Late
Kaspian Sorrenson on Jul 11 2017, 03:47 AM
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If you are new here, our application is just a shipper; you'll post these here, and they will be sorted into your player board in the plotting section after. New accounts have two ( 2 ) weeks from the date of registration to do this before the account is deleted. If you will take longer than that, we do make exceptions for extenuating circumstances, simply PM Ian.
Open Threads
Chandran Giovanni on Sep 19 2017, 09:56 PM
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Here, you can find completed shippers and plenty of characters to plot and plan with! They are separated by player, each member getting a board of their own that holds all of their shippers in one place.
Lucifer Valetine
Lucifer Valetine on Oct 23 2017, 12:13 PM
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If you'd like to start threads for a character's letters, social media, internet blog, or have need of a mobile phone call or text conversation, you can do so here. We do support doHTML codes.
save me
Jamie Matthews on Sep 18 2017, 07:10 PM
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For players to post up requested characters and roles, adoptables, and similar. Please be sure to get a very good idea of what a player wants from a request before attempting to fill it. If you are writing one, if you have a specific idea in mind, write that out. Thanks! Guests may post here!
better left unsaid
Livia Lazzari on Jul 21 2017, 11:20 PM
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Our site's factions are primarily member-created, and member-run. Utilizing the user-created groups feature of Jcink, we allow faction founders to create their own user group, which automatically creates a forum board alongside the group, for information about their faction and management purposes. If you do not run your faction, no one will, so think carefully before spear-heading one.
Welcome to the Faction Section
dragonborn on Sep 9 2017, 03:07 PM
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The campus of CFA is one of the most beautiful, well-landscaped and designed. There are seven buildings, six departments, arranged in a circular configuration around the campus grounds. The main building features a man-made waterfall, which is fed from the small river that winds through the grounds, and falls back into it from the main building's roof. The river eventually feeds into a stone-lined lake, which is open to the public and students alike as a swimming spot. There are many plants scattered around in the buildings, as well as outside the buildings, and the lawn is kept neatly trimmed.
Cause and Effect
Ryan Lancaster on Oct 12 2017, 02:51 PM
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Sprawling over almost an entire three miles of space either direction, Cree Falls Academy's grounds are quite a something to see. Hosting the academy gardens, public pool, stables, stadium, and more, the grounds seem to go on forever. The gardens are a part of a program to teach younger inner city kids gardening skill, and is occasionally host to a bus full of elementary students, while the stables and stadium are also frequent hot-spots for animal and sports enthusiasts.
Axel Vasilyev on Sep 14 2017, 10:43 PM
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All paid-for city services, such as police, hospitals, shelters, fire department, and other such places, as well as municipal and government buildings such as the courthouse and Department of Motor Vehicles, can be located here.
Let's Play a [Sparkly] ...
Chandran Giovanni on Sep 19 2017, 09:54 PM
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Downtown Cree Falls, Nebraska, full of tall buildings, bright lights, and horrible traffic. Beware driving around down here in some places, as it's actually rather difficult to get around in sometimes. Ah, but isn't that any downtown.
The Shifting Sands
Surya Lucain on Sep 24 2017, 01:54 PM
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With such a large population, it makes sense Cree Falls has a wide array of options for shopping and entertainment, from indoor and outdoor malls, to specialty stores not found anywhere else. Cree Falls also boasts an active and adventurous nightlife in some places, if you know where to look, and you might occasionally come across Native American stores selling handmade Native goods.
and she's doing it well...
Lyra Lazzari on Sep 19 2017, 06:52 PM
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Houses and apartments are highly numerous, with residential areas being found all over the city. Like most cities, Cree Falls has its middle class neighborhoods, and its ghettos and slums, as well as its richer neighborhoods.
Calls Me Home
Axel Vasilyev on Nov 15 2017, 05:03 AM
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RPG Initiative Distant Fantasies RPG-D

Please post in the right sub-forum.
You can double post, whatever.
If your ad boards are labeled something like virgins/whores, bye.
I may double post on your site. Sorry, I be havin' a life. Delete my crap and move on.
If you post in the first link board and you're actually a link back, Imma link back anyway.
All hosts welcome. Even you, Forumotion.

Yes, we allow multiple ads, but if you're posting a link back we should have posted a first link. That's not what link back means.
But, if you first link more than once, yes, you will get multiple link backs.
Carried Home - A Semi-Liter...
Harry on Yesterday at 06:08 pm
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Generalized out of character interaction can be had here. Just be sure to behave and treat other members how you yourself would like to be treated. Guests may partake in the conversations had here, if they so desire; this board is guest friendly.
Medical Leave
Huli on Oct 2 2017, 02:33 AM
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