Welcome to Cree Falls, Nebraska, the largest city in the state. Whatever you're here for, Cree Falls has it all -- maybe a lot more than you bargained for. What if your best friend was a werewolf? What if the girl you borrow notes from in class happened to have wings? That's not even the weirdest you can come across; you might have crossed paths with the god of fire before. They're out there, and they don't really make a lot of effort to hide. Every group has its share of bad. So just how bad can the magical community's bad get? Very. Some of that crime isn't mundane at all. Those street wars don't always just stay there, hidden away in dark alleys... more often than most think, they spill over, and plenty get caught in the crossfire. Will you? 16+, 2.2.2 => 3.3.3 Site Rules Application Plot Threads Wanted Ads Frequently Asked Discord Server

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