When faith still needs a gun, whose ammunition justifies the wrong?
Welcome to Cree Falls, Nebraska, the largest city in the state. Whatever you're here for, Cree Falls has it all -- maybe a lot more than you bargained for. What if your best friend was a werewolf? What if the girl you borrow notes from in class happened to have wings? That's not even the weirdest you can come across -- you might have crossed paths with the god of fire before. They're out there, and they don't really make a lot of effort to hide. The thing is, though, humans have their good and bad. So just how bad can the magical community's bad get? Very. Every vice humans have, supernaturals have their hands in it, maybe very much so. Some of that crime isn't mundane at all. Those street wars don't always just stay there, hidden away in dark alleys... more often than most think, they spill over, and plenty get caught in the crossfire. Will you? site rules application face claims playable races wanted ads who's who

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Heaven if you sent us down, so we could build a playground, for the sinners to play as saints, you'd be so proud of what we made.
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First, a note about tolerance. Every member on this board comes from a different walk of life from you. Each member has a different story to tell, and may live their lives drastically different from how you live yours, even in ways you may not agree with. We are not saying agree with them; but we are saying accept them, and recognize that they are different from you and you cannot control them. Essentially, agree to disagree.


001 We have no behavioral rules. You can consider this one a catch-all; if we need to tell you how to behave, you'll just be asked to leave. We also reserve the right to do so for any reason, or no reason at all. Sometimes, we just aren't a good fit for you, and that's no one's fault, it just is.

002 Our site is consent-based. Nothing can happen to a character without the explicit permission or will of the player who controls them. Metagaming, power-playing, and god-moding, are not tolerated here.

003 There is no word count minimum, or maximum, no character caps or bans, no stringent activity requirements. Communicate; if you aren't feeling a thread or a character, just say something. If you're busy in real life, just say something.

004 Do not use bright or neon colors, make the font size smaller than default ( you may make it larger ), and do not use GIF images.

005 Avatar size is a square, 250x250. The larger image in profiles is 500x500. Signatures are allowed, but do not stretch the board.

006 Our site rating is 2.2.2/PG-13 by default. There are mature, 3.3.3/NC-17 areas available; by accessing these areas, you accept the responsibility of that access, and the staff cannot be held responsible.

007 Face claims are optional. You may choose to use one, or not, it is up to you. If you do, please stick to celebrities.
An exception is made for dragons. Dragons should not be humanoid whatsoever. You may use artwork and CGI for these, but do not violate intellectual property rights by stealing someone's artwork; ask first, at least, and respect their answer.
Also, if you can prove you have their permission, less famous people are in the cards. It's a privacy concern, mostly.

Chatbox & Discord

001 Please keep the chatbox PG-13. There is a channel in the Discord called #nsfw-afterdark that is specifically set up for mature discussion, if you do wish to partake in it.

002 No advertising. Please do not discuss other forums in either the chatbox or the Discord, whether this discussion be good or bad.

003 While the Discord server is optional, and not required, please be aware that it will have information and news updates available that are important in times when the site goes down for some reason. It is recommended you at least remember the URL for the server, so that you can poke in if you cannot access the board. It is also usually the fastest way to get a hold of a staff member when they are on the go.

Yes, the past can hurt. But, the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.

I am the Warrior, wielding the spear that destroys evil.
I am the Lover, teaching mortals of love and passion.
I am the Mother, from which all comes and to which all must return.
I am the Darkness -- always watching, always listening,

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